How to Dry Desiccant Packs

How to dry Desiccant Packs

It’s important to understand that when learning how to dry desiccant packs, you must not use a microwave oven. Carefully follow the directions below to effectively dry or recharge desiccant packs up to 3 times. When recharging or regenerating Sta-Dry desiccant packs, the duration in the oven depends on how much moisture is trapped in the clay desiccant packs. Please note the average time frames below to effectively dry desiccant packs.

  1. Check Sta-Dri pouches weekly to see if they need re-charged.
  2. When rigid or an increase in weight is noted (over 30%), regenerate in the oven.
    • Important: Do not use a microwave oven.
    • 250 degrees Fahreneit for 6 hours removes roughly 80% moisture.
    • 250 degrees Fahreneit for 8 hours removes most moisture.
    • 250 degrees Fahreneit for 12 hours removes most moisture from very heavy/stiff packs.
  3. Let Sta-Dri packs cool before handling.
  4. Place your Sta-Dri packs into service or store in a seal-able poly-bag.

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