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<h2>User Friendly</h2>
<p><strong>NON-TOXIC</strong></p><ul><li>Safe inside (the clay) and outside (the fabric)</li><li>Dry to the touch when saturated</li><li>Safe for contact with your most treasured possessions</li></ul><p><strong>NON-CORROSIVE</strong></p><ul><li>No calcium chloride like the leading brand</li><li>Calcium chloride based desiccant can leak and be corrosive to valuables and are single use</li></ul><p><strong>ODORLESS AND NON-FLAMMABLE</strong></p>
<h2>Environmentally Friendly</h2>
<p><strong>NATURAL CLAY</strong></p><ul><li>No additives</li><li>Chemically inert</li></ul><p><strong>REUSABLE</strong></p><ul><li>Re-charge in your oven</li></ul><p><strong>LANDFILL SAFE DISPOSAL</strong></p>
<h2>Technically Sound</h2>
<p><strong>STA-DRI MEETS GOVERNMENT MIL-SPEC</strong></p><ul><li>This graph shows pouches of Sta-Dri® natural clay have superior moisture capacity versus other desiccants like silica gel. </li><li>Clay desiccant pouches are used by the military to keep their weapons systems and equipment dry during storage</li><li>Sta-Dri®pouches’ drying ability exceeds Military Storage specifications*. </li><li>Sta-Dri®is an easy, affordable way to maintain a dry environment for your valuables.</li>
<h2>Frequently Asked Questions</h2>
<p><strong>What kind of clay is used in Sta-Dri pouches?</strong></p><p>Montmorillonite clay is a very pure absorbent clay found in near-surface deposits all over the world. It is used in industry, medicine, cosmetics, and even pet food.</p>
<p><strong>What fabric is used for the pouch?</strong></p><p>Polyester non-woven fabric is used to hold the clay. It is porous enough to be breathable for moisture absorption and release. It can withstand up to 250 degrees in over heat during recharging.</p>